Sunday, May 12, 2013

Geometry Begins...

We are going to begin our Topic on Geometry this week...

So via twitter, we're going to post a daily "I have...who has" question to all of those Firsties out there in Twitterville to see what shapes they have too.  Our first try-started off by Mrs. Rudd is "I have a cube, who has a cone?"

Here is the first picture to start off the game...
After today, I will let the students run the game.  I wonder how they will want to track the data we receive back via the twitter feed?
If you want to play the game, watch for our tweet and then respond to us  and use the hashtag #ihavewhohas to see who else responds with their ideas.
Thanks to Karen Lirenman who always gets me thinking outside the box (ways to use twitter in the classroom).

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  1. Such fun! I'll see if I can lend some kidlets to this cause this week. I'm sure I'll have many that will want to play. Twitter is a a really great place to learn, share, and collaborate with others.


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