Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quad Blogging Partner Project

This week, the first week of October is the start of our Quad Blogging Project with 3 other schools.  We will be visiting each others' classroom blogs a week at a time and commenting on the blogs with questions for each other.

Here is a map of where our quad blogging partners are from:
and our location too...
We are so excited to hear from our partners.  All of them are from different parts of Canada-two closer and one farther. 

We will also be participating in the "Signs of Fall" twitter project this month.  We'll be tweeting to the hashtag #anfomhar to show seasonal changes we notice.

All of this should be so exciting!  Can't wait to see how things turn out for us this month!

Reflecting and Looking Ahead

We have been busy this year!

Last week was great!  We celebrated Granparents Day with our parents and grandparents on Friday and did a special bridge building activity with them.  We were also surprised as our Smartboard was installed on Thursday!  Ya hoo!

As we look to the week ahead, we're excited to start the quad blogging project with Mrs. Belanger's Class, Mrs. Martel's Class and Mrs. Sarchet's class!  We hope to learn a lot from you.

This week, we will be starting a brand new pilot project with our curriculum mapping units.  Our first unit is ABCs and Friendship...we will introduce it on Monday!  We hope to learn a lot about ABCs and books made with Alphabet Themes as well as Names and Friends!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great week ahead!

We are looking forward to an exciting new week ahead-our theme for the week is "Cats".  We'll be reading some silly cat stories this week...

We'll also be starting our "Star Student" of the Day!  Watch for up-coming posts about our stars and what they are thinking...

We're also looking forward to celebrating "International Dot Day" on Friday-make your dot and make your mark!  You matter!  See the youtube version of The Dot here.

We'll be rolling out week 2 of the Daily 5 and adding "Read to Someone".

We're going to continue our team points game...

In Math, we'll be working on making combinations of 9, learning about joining sets together and creating number sentences with addends, and sums.

We will also be working on learning about the weather in Science-our daily weather person will be tweeting the weather information.

We're looking forward to celebrating Family Reading Night with our trainers to teach parents about implementation of 100 Book Challenge at Home.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Which team are you for?

Which team are you for? Click this question and the link will take you to our poll!

Please vote in our poll!
Team Bear or Team Rabbit

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Want My Hat Back

With our theme for the week being hats, today's morning read aloud was I Want My Hat Back!  Most of the class immediately thought rabbit took bear's hat!  They also thought bear either sat on rabbit or ate him...this lead to a discussion about bears and what they eat-fish, berries, but do they eat rabbits?  We decided that we'd research that info...hmmmm.  The hat mystery continues tomorrow we will add a poll about which team to join-

Here is a link to the story I Want My Hat Back on vimeo
Which team will you join?

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a Busy Day!

Friday was a busy day-we had so much going on...

Here are some of the highlights of what we accomplished and experienced on Friday-

We worked on introducing the rhyming families of at, ap, ad, and am.  We practiced letter sounds for m, s, b, and short a.

We wrote in our journals about apples.

We practiced looking at sets of numbers and telling how many in all.

We also had a surprise Fire Drill-woohoo-out of the building in 2 minutes.

We also read Pete the Cat, Rocking in My School Shoes-and noticed that at the end, Pete said the same thing, "It's all good!"

We finished reading Enemy Pie.

Also, we started our "Chalk-a-bration" pictures but didn't get to finish-as we ran out of time at the end of the day...

Whew!  Good thing we have a 3 day weekend to catch our breath!  See you on Tuesday!  Get ready for books about Hats, Wind and Weather!