Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the First Day...

On our first day, we read Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, How Full is Your Bucket, and Enemy Pie.  We brainstormed a list of class rules and ate goldfish crackers for our snack.   

We rated Pete's story with a ":)" face.

Right before lunch, we went out to the playground to review the playground safety rules and review signals for the playground.  But the coolest thing was...

we got to observe a praying mantis!  So exciting!  Mrs. Rudd will be heading to the library to check-out books about it on the way home so we can learn more...and then "S" noticed that there was a picture of one in his insect book in his pile of books to read.

We had a great first day.


  1. Found a Wonderopolis Link about the praying mantis:

  2. Wow! Love your class blog. I hope to share with my classroom teacher friends for inspiration. :)


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